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For all of your Miami Septic Cleaning Company needs, you needn't look any further than turning to the experts at Southern Septic and Lift Station Corp. We are a locally owned and operated Miami septic system company that provides strong customer-service and communication with a strong work-ethic commitment to quality work. When you call on one of our expert contractors, they will arrive on time, and provide you with a written and competitive estimate before the work even begins.

We tailor all of our septic system solutions to fit the individual needs of your project, whether it is for a home or commercially based. We are able to handle any size job and are well-versed and knowledgeable in all installation processes. Our contractors have the skills and tools to confidently resolve all of your septic related needs.

If you're in need of a Miami Septic Cleaning Company, contact Septic and Lift Station Corp today for a free estimate of our professional services.

Services That We Provide

Septic System Cleaning

Regularly cleaning your septic tank helps prevent clogging and potentially disastrous and embarrassing backups. Its recommended that you have your septic tank cleaned once a year to prevent any problems from occurring, especially if you have a smaller system or have a high amount of water usage. Areas with a higher water table may also require more frequent pumping, as may often be the case in various Florida neighborhoods. Consider scheduling your next septic system cleaning with the Miami septic experts at Southern Septic & Lift Station. [Read More...]

Septic System Repairs

If your septic system has recently suffered backing up into your home, yard, or street, you will have to get your system cleaned and inevitably repaired. If your septic system has backed up that means it isn't functioning and draining properly. While cleaning the system will act as a temporary reprieve, the damage has already been done and it will inevitably back up again without proper repair. Some septic cleaning services will gladly clean your system and leave the problem to return, knowing that you will need their services again, but we will make certain the issue is resolved at its source. You will want to get your septic system repairs handled by a trustworthy professional, and you can find that at Southern Septic & Lift Station. [Read More...]

Home Repairs

If you are building a new home or need a septic system installed outside of your current Miami home, you need to make certain that you have it handled by a licensed professional. Septic tank installation can be difficult in moist soil conditions that are common throughout Florida, and without proper installation can result in the system performing inefficiently and failing to properly treat or process waste water. When you are undergoing a new septic system installation the experts at Southern Septic & Lift Station are experienced with the unique difficulties that septic installation in Florida involves, and have the knowledge to ensure that the job is done right despite this. We can also help with other services such as roofing and roof  leak repairs, get in touch for more details [Read More...]

Septic System Certification

If you are in need of having your septic system inspected and certified, Southern Septic & Lift Station can provide you with the necessary documentation detailing all of your septic information, showing that it meets required standards. Your septic system certification will address the configuration, size, location, and functional state of your septic system, which is necessary when buying or selling a home. [Read More...]

Septic System Inspections

Conducting a septic system inspection is a necessary part of ensuring that your system is working as needed. You want to have your septic system inspected as part of routine maintenance, to avoid any unfortunate surprises or expenses that could otherwise accrue in the form of septic cleaning and repairs. Having the septic system inspected of the home you are buying or selling is also an important part of the process that should not be overlooked. When you are in need of septic system inspections, Southern Septic & Lift Station is able to provide.[Read More...]

Grease Trap Cleaning

To keep your grease trap working properly, you need to conduct routine grease trap pump outs. Failing to clean your grease trap can result in creating back-ups as well as blockages in your drain-line, and even potential fines. If you have begun to notice odors from your grease trap, then that is usually a sign that you need to have it cleaned. We can provide an exceptional grease trap pumping service that complies with government regulations. [Read More...]

Lift Station Repairs

Sewer systems utilize gravity to maintain their flow of water, but this is not always an option depending on the geography, resulting in the need for lift stations. A lifting pump manages outgoing and incoming water flow, helping both reach their intended destination. When a problem occurs with a lift station it can prove especially troublesome to area home and business owners alike. Due to this, repair of a lift station needs to be handled with efficiency, by licensed professionals that can get everyone's water moving again with little fuss. [Read More...]

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